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Diving and Watersports Info

Cayman island is not only a first-class vacation spot, it's also a diver's paradise!

The main attraction of the East End, in addition to the tranquility, of course, is the fabulous diving! It is a well-known fact among divers that the best diving in Grand Cayman is on the East End. There are several very reputable dive operators within a 10-minute drive. Cayman Dive Lodge (not yet operational -- rebuilding after Hurricane Ivan) is within walking distance. We have installed 6 heavy-duty hooks beside our patio to hang your wet suits.

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Dive Sites on the East End
Map of dive sites in the east end
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Links you may find useful
Ocean Frontiers

Our recommendation for more experienced divers, this dive operation is closest to our rental villa. Less than a 5-minute drive.

Tortuga Divers

Tortuga Divers - based out of Morritts (see map above) is perhaps more suited to beginners or less experienced divers. Operated by Red Sail Sports -- They have a plethora of activities to offer, including wind surfing (almost exclusively on the east end) , stingray city tours and catamarin charters.

Stingray City Trips

An Absolute MUST when you are visiting Grand Cayman!!! This is the experience of a lifetime!!! This link is only one option. Red Sail Sports at Morritts also has trips to Stingray City. Of course, you can drive up to the beautiful beach at Rum Point, spend an afternoon and book a Stingray City trip for later in the week directly with one of the operators.

Black Pearl Skate & Surf

For surfing enthusiasts, this is the penultimate! WOW. You won't believe your eyes. First of its kind in the world!

Underwater Photography Courses from a world-renowned underwater photographer and marine biologist -- Cathy Church. Cathy has written several books on underwater photography, and offers 1-week, 10 day and individual lessons. We HIGHLY recommend her ( I took her 10 day course many years ago and it was phenomenal. 3-hour dives -- just hand your camera up and they change the film for you! ) Approximately 1/2 hour drive from our villa.

Beach toys for adults Windsurfing in the Caymans
Red Sail Catamaran


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